Meet your instructor: Jesni

Jesni is a great instructor and breaks things down to make them so easy to follow! I t was an awesome and FUN workout!

Friend and fellow instructor, Chaitali brought Jeseni to her first Doonya class in NYC. "It reconnected me to dance and brought so much joy back into my life," Jesni says. "The more classes I took, the more I realized I wanted to lead Doonya classes and help spread the Bollywood magic!" "Jesni now teaches Doonya out of Houston, TX.

Jesni is a I work full-time as a pharmacist. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read, and spend time with her dog, Carbon.

Fitness Mantra: Eat clean, stay fit, and have a burger to stay sane!

Favorite Doonya Routine:

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