Meet your instructor: Chaitali

This class was so much fun! Instructor had so much energy and was very easy to follow. Definitely would go again. Chaitali has so much energy!! love her class

Chaitali started her Doonya journey in DC as a dancer in our performance company. Quickly, Chaitali became one of our resident Bhangra experts teaching choreography classes and was tapped by fellow instructor, Jeannie to teach the Doonya fitness program! Chaitali also became a stellar star for Doonya in NYC and currently is spearheading Doonya expanding in Philly.

Outside of Doonya, Chaitali is Assistant Vice President, Clinical Operations at Salus University and enjoys photography. During Covid, Chaitali also adopted Nala, Doonya's unofficial mascot!

Fitness Mantra: Do it for you and no one else.

Favorite Doonya Routine:

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