Meet your instructor: Jeannie

"A fun, high energy dance workout! Jeannie is the cardio queen!!"

Jeannie is a Master Instructor and Master Trainer for Doonya. She has been part of the company in a big way from when she joined choreography classes in 2010.

"I had been taking our choreo classes for several years, when Kajal started teaching a fitness class.  I loved it and got hooked. When Kajal went to introduce the program to New York City she needed a sub....and here I am a decade later..." - Jeannie

Jeannie is also known in the Doonya community as our Cardio Queen. If you are sweating a crazy amount, you may need to thank Jeannie for the choreo! Outside of the studios where she teaches Doonya, Jeannie is a Healthcare journalist and also teaches barre.

Fitness Mantra: Do it for you and no one else.

Favorite Doonya Routine:

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