Meet the instructor: Nisha

"Nisha is an excellent Doonya instructor who brings energy and fun to each class! You always leave sweaty and feeling that you had a full, satisfying workout after her class! Appreciate her bhangra love as well!"

Nisha exploded on the Doonya DC scene as an instructor after taking classes with Chaitali originally and then with Jeannie after a hiatus.

"After 3 years of taking classes with Jeannie, I decided to take the jump to online training and then subbed my first class in DC within 3 months of making that first jump!"

Nisha went through the Doonya instructor training process and launched classes in record time!

By day, when not Bhangra'ing in a Doonya class, you can find Nisha working with Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at The White Ribbon Alliance. By night, Nisha is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University.

Fitness Mantra: Your path to wellness is your own, but turmeric can only help, probably.

Favorite Doonya Routine:

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