Meet the instructor: Kajal

"Awesome workout! I always leave feeling super accomplished. Kajal is such a motivating instructor! I look forward to reach class! :)"

Kajal is the creator of the Doonya program and is Doonya's heart and soul.

When not teaching Doonya, Kajal also teaches kids' Bollywood dance and mindfulness classes privately and through schools.

"Given that I've turned my primary hobby and passion into my career, the lines of work and play get blurred. But if I'm not dancing, I'm usually singing or being silly with my two kids."

Kajal's classes are a blend of grace, strength and power. We challenge you to take a class and NOT feel inspired.

Fitness Mantra: Find your joy. It's not possible to always be happy - but finding our joy allows us to find moments of happiness even in the hardest of times.

Favorite Doonya Routine:

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