Why Train

Celebrate your body, mind, and one of the most festive cultures of the world through Doonya: The Bollywood Workout!  At Doonya, students follow along to cardio and conditioning intervals of varying intensity, each activating major muscle groups of the abs, arms and legs. The energy and expressions of Bollywood-inspired music and dance will keep you and your students smiling as you burn up to 800 calories while using dance and fitness fundamentals combined in perfect combinations and patterns for an effective full-body workout.  Each Doonya routine utilizes one’s own resistance and muscle control, providing a stronger core, lengthened limbs and increased stamina to keep you invigorated for the rest of your day.

The 2-Part Doonya Instructor Training course is the first step to becoming a licensed instructor and starting your own Bollywood-based business! You will be provided with the tools to create your own classes and teach the program through various gyms and studio locations. You will learn Doonya’s Bollywood-inspired movement fundamentals (styles including Pop Bhangra and other Village Celebration styles, Classical Conditioning, and Bolly-pop) and develop an understanding of how to combine the movements with major muscle groups for each Doonya routine. Potential instructors will also learn how to lead a class and build the perfect playlist for maximum class effectiveness. Your post-training quarterly subscription to “MyDoonya”, the online library of teaching tips, choreography videos, marketing materials and much more, will enable you to continue your education and growth as an instructor.

Phase 1, At-home Study – $150
Trainees will receive videos including the warm up and the Doonya Basic steps with a supplementary visual guide to understanding each step and it’s associated form and fitness-based techniques. Upon registering, trainee will receive an email with each of the videos for their independent learning. Trainees must submit a video of him/herself doing the warm up and each of the basic steps within each style in proper form and by name. The video must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the live workshop (Phase II) of their choice in order to receive timely approval.
Instructors must show the following knowledge/skills in their video submission to receive approval for Phase 2 training:

  • Understanding of Doonya’s 4 basic styles of movement
  • Ability to accurately conduct the Doonya warm-up
  • Ability to do each Doonya basic step with correct form
  • Understanding of the muscles used in each step

Get Trained!

Phase 2, Live Workshop Training – $250
Phase 2 connects the basic steps to Doonya choreographed routines in each genre and provides potential instructors with an understanding of Doonya-specific cueing and in-class dynamics.  This one-day 8 hour training will cover:

  • Doonya’s philosophy
  • Overall program history, description, and benefits
  • Review of the Doonya styles and associated movements
  • 1 routine in each of the 4 styles
  • Class and playlist organization for maximum effectiveness
  • Cueing and in-class dynamics

Get Trained!
Instructors will receive final certificates after passing a live practical demo*. Instructors will either pass on-site or will be assigned a mentor for continued training and feedback until the mentor provides certification.

*Please note that Group Fitness (GX) Certifications are required to receive final Doonya certification and license to teach. Trainees can complete their Group Fitness certifications through any accredited program (ACE, AFAA, NAFC, etc). While Doonya training will be permitted prior to a GX certificate completion, licenses and MyDoonya access will only be given once proof of GX completion is provided.