Training Schedule

Course Date Time City/Location Price

Doonya Phase I – Online

Once purchased, send email with confirmation to

Must be completed no later than 10 days prior to Phase II Live Workshop of choice ANY TIME!
(We recommend getting it done early!)
HOME STUDY Doonya Phase I – $150
At home study of Doonya course materials + video submission;
Must be completed prior to acceptance for Phase II

Doonya Phase II – Live Workshop


SAT, JULY 11th 9am – 6pm New York, NY – Doonya Fitness Center Doonya Phase II – $150
Must have completed and PASSED Phase I

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accredited Group Fitness certification is required prior to or simultaneously with Doonya licensing. All trainees will be required to submit a Group Fitness certificate prior to receiving their Doonya license.

Phase 1, At-home Study – $150
**Instructors must complete Phase I and II of training to become licensed Doonya instructors. **
Trainees will receive videos including the warm up and the Doonya Basic steps with a supplementary visual guide to understanding each step and it’s associated form and fitness-based techniques.

Upon registering, trainees receive materials with all necessary information to complete independent learning and submit a video of him/herself doing each step in proper form and by name.
The video must be submit for approval no later than 10 days before the Phase II training of their choice.

Instructors must show the following knowledge/skills in their video submission to receive approval for Phase 2 training:

  • Understanding of Doonya’s 4 basic styles of movement
  • Ability to accurately conduct the Doonya warm-up
  • Ability to do each Doonya basic step with correct form
  • Understanding of the muscles used in each step

Phase 2, Live Workshop Training – $150
Interested instructors must sign up for Phase 2 at least 1 week prior to the training date. If there is a low enrollment, the training may be subject to cancellation.
Phase 2 connects the basic steps to Doonya choreographed routines in each genre and provides potential instructors with an understanding of Doonya-specific cueing and in-class dynamics.  This one-day 8 hour training will cover:

  • Doonya’s philosophy
  • Overall program history, description, and benefits
  • Review of the Doonya styles and associated movements
  • 1 routine in each of the 4 styles
  • Class and playlist organization for maximum effectiveness
  • Cueing and in-class dynamics

Instructors will receive final certificates after passing a live practical demo at the end of Phase 2 training workshop. Instructors will either pass on-site or will be assigned a mentor for continued training and feedback until the mentor provides certification.
Proof of Group Fitness certification is required prior to receiving Doonya certificate.