Training Schedule

We are so excited to bring you our Doonya training in the comfort of your own home!
Instructors must complete Phase I and II of training to become licensed Doonya instructors.
Phase 1, The Basics – $150 online training
Upon registering, BollyGuru trainees will receive videos including the warm up and the Doonya Basic steps with a supplementary visual guide to understanding each step and it’s associated form and fitness-based techniques. Once trainees have learned the materials independently, he/she will submit a video doing each step in proper form and by name.  BollyGurus must show the following knowledge and skills in their video submission to receive approval for Phase 2 training:

  • Understanding of Doonya’s 4 basic styles of movement
  • Ability to accurately conduct the Doonya warm-up
  • Ability to do each Doonya basic step with correct form
  • Understanding of the muscles used in each step

Phase 2, Becoming a BollyGuru – $150 online/$200 in person
Once trainees have received approval, they will move on to Phase II either in person or online.  Through our in-depth videos or our 8-hour in-person training, Phase 2 connects the basic steps to Doonya choreographed routines in each genre and provides potential instructors with an understanding of Doonya-specific cueing and in-class dynamics.  This training will cover:

  • Doonya’s philosophy
  • Overall program history, description, and benefits
  • Review of the Doonya styles and associated movements
  • 1 routine in each of the 4 styles
  • Class and playlist organization for maximum effectiveness
  • Cueing and in-class dynamics

Instructors will receive final certificates after passing either an in-person or video-based practical demo at the end of their Phase 2 study.