What are the prerequisites for becoming an Instructor?
All Doonya instructors must complete or have an existing Group Fitness certification from an accredited organization. To make this process easier, we host our trainings through NAFC and offer a bundle for Group X and Doonya Power Cert training workshops!  We also provide CECs/CEUs for ACE and AFAA Group X trainers who complete their Doonya certification.

Please note that the Doonya training is a 2 part process wherein passing the at-home study portion first is REQUIRED before receiving permission to attend the scheduled 1-day workshops.

What does my Doonya Power Cert allow?
Our 2 part training qualifies you to teach a Level 1 Doonya course at any location in the country FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR, subject to maintaining your $33/quarterly (every 3 months) subscription to our online instructor portal, doonya.com/mydoonya. You can price classes as you wish and everything you earn through your classes will be yours to keep.

What does my limited trademark license cover?
Licensed instructors can teach Doonya classes around the country but must follow the format laid out in training and in the official training manual. The license also allows for online monthly membership to the latest choreography videos, curriculum and music selections only for licensed Doonya instructors! The trademark license does not cover any certification requirements that a gym may have, and therefore require an accredited general Group Fitness certification (e.g., NAFC, ACE, AFAA) to supplement their Doonya training.

What can I find through the MyDoonya portal membership?
The MyDoonya curriculum portal is your virtual Doonya instructor family. Use it to stay up-to-date with all Doonya related information and news, as well as new choreography. For just $33/quarterly (every 3 months) the portal provides:

  • Music Library: sample playlists, your Featured Four (monthly required routines), student favorites
  • Video Library: choreography to the latest hits from instructors in various locations, full video breakdowns of basic steps and your Featured Four
  • Message Board: teaching tips and instructor feedback forums
  • Instructor profiles: personal certification info and bio, personal development goals
  • Marketing materials: official Doonya logo and flyers, ideas on where to teach and run your business
  • Legal and Business info: what you need to know about legal guidelines, liability, and insurance

Can I attend part of the training or do I need to be there for the entire thing?
Trainees must complete all parts of the training in order to attain their license. Though it may seem long, you’ll be learning so much and having fun along the way!

Do I get credits towards my fitness certifications by completing this training?
Yes, we offer credits and training workshops through NAFC (the National Association for Fitness Certification).
NAFC CECs – 0.8
ACE CECs – 0.9
AFAA CEUs – 4.6

What does the cost of the training include?

  • Breakdown videos of the Doonya fundamental steps
  • 8 to 10 hours of in-person training
  • Free membership to the MYdoonya online portal for 1 month before continuing with the quarterly membership at $33/3 months
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities within the Doonya community
  • Sample playlists
  • Detailed Instructor manual
  • Marketing materials for Doonya

How long will it take to make a return on this training investment?
Though this depends on where you teach and your agreement with the gym/studio, as well as how often you teach, you can easily repay your annual fees in just 1-2 months of teaching! This is your chance to create a business in the amount of time you are willing to put in so your hard work will pay off.

How long is my license valid?
Your limited trademark license is valid for one year from the training date and only if you maintain active membership ($33/every 3 months) to the online Doonya community, MyDoonya. At Doonya we believe what makes us great instructors is our ability to always be a student and constantly learn from one another and enrich our training.  Therefore, instructors may be required to re-train in any Doonya Training program every year (a Level II training focusing on more specific styles and including more dance techniques and choreography tips), to retake another Level 1 training for reinforcement and review, or to submit instructional videos before receiving a year extension on their license.

Do I need to research places to teach before I begin the training program?
We’ll give you suggestions via our NAFC partnership, in-house Doonya studios or other relationships to get you started if you are not already affiliated with a gym or studio. You do not need to research any places beforehand.

What’s next?
Once training is completed, newly licensed instructors receive 1 month free of MyDoonya access to see how the portal works and to learn some of the routines. Everyone trained around the world will be on the network so it’s a great place to collaborate and learn.  We encourage new instructors to practice a lot before teaching so they start with their best foot forward! Any money you make from teaching your classes is yours to keep – so the more you practice, the better you’ll be, the more students you’ll have, and the more you’ll earn!