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Our Vision

103 (Cropped)Doonya aspires to be the globally accessible fitness lifestyle for women and their families that instills confidence in body and mind, energizing them to be sources of joy to all who surround them.
Through Bollywood-inspired movement, we blend science and art with awareness and expression. We stand at the intersection of Eastern and Western outlooks on wellness, celebrating the oneness of all cultures.

One world, one Doonya.

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Celebrate your body, mind, and one of the most festive cultures of the world through Doonya*! At Doonya, you’ll follow along to cardio and conditioning intervals of varying intensity, each activating major muscle groups of the abs, arms and legs. The energy and expressions of Bollywood-inspired music and dance will keep you smiling as you burn up to 800 calories while learning dance and fitness fundamentals.

By using your own resistance and muscle control, you’ll leave with a stronger core, lengthened limbs and increased stamina to keep you invigorated for the rest of your day. Doonya is your happy workout.

*Doonya is an AAFA and ACE accredited program


Find out more about our fabulous instructors here.

275 (SquareCrop)Priya, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer may be super zen and pint-sized, but she can throw you across the room! Priya is the cutest, kindest hulk there is! Most of our staff has been picked up by her arms at one point, but we’ve all been picked up by her smile and positive energy. Outside of the Doonya studios, Priya can be seen riding her bike to and from Brooklyn where she is learning to maintain a green home. Her love for the planet doesn’t end there. Her passion for international development fuels Doonya’s goals to spread a happy, healthy lifestyle for everyone around the world! Favorite Doonya routine? “Govinda Ala Re


299 (SquareCrop)Kajal is Co-founder and Doonya Chief Content Officer. No, Doonya is not also a toothpaste advertisement; Kajal’s smile is just that bright. And it’s not just her teeth. Homegirl (Kajal-ese) lights up the room the moment her dancing feet enter. A southern belle, former cheerleader, and self-taught dancer turned ACE – Certified fitness instructor, Kajal is currently expanding Doonya to the West Coast after heading up Doonya DC. And taking Hollywood by storm she is with her unrelenting humor, indefatigable passion and hard work. When not making up Doonya routines, Kajal is probably watching “So You Think You Can Dance” and dreaming of meeting Twitch and Allison…and Travis and Mark and Lauren G (the list is never-ending). Favorite Doonya Routine: “Dhinka Chika”


rohanRohan is Doonya’s @Bolly_heRO. As the only guy on our team, he brings his own unique energy and ideas to the table that stem from his extensive experience in public relations and passion/fanatic knowledge of all things Bollywood, pop culture, and Urban Desi. As our PR and Social Media manager, Rohan is often the voice behind our Doonya messaging. The voice telling you to “BUY OUR DVD;” that’s Rohan. He loves all things media and loves creating content based on our happy, healthy outlook on life. In his past work lives, Rohan has worked with some of the biggest names in both South Asian American and mainstream media, including international pop stars such as Jay Sean. As a Doonya success story, Rohan lost 40lbs as a Doonya student before he started teaching. His pure love of dance is what shines through in everything he does related to Doonya. Favorite Doonya routine? “Ainvayi Ainvayi”


jeannieJeannie, is our Master Trainer. When the Ghostbuster line is busy, who you gonna call? Tweet @JB3Wishes  -Doonya’s AFFA Certified Master Trainer and general savant of all things in the world. Our staff is of the belief that there’s no problem she can’t Google. Having started off as one of Priya’s dance students in DC, Jeannie worked her way through our curriculum and was the first person trained as a Doonya instructor.  She is known as “Cardio Queen,” teaching several classes per week. What makes Jeannie an amazing asset to our team? You’ll meet few people as nurturing, supportive and patient as Miss Baumann. We, our trainees and the Twitterverse are lucky to have her! Favorite Doonya Routine: “Ik Waari by Pree Mayall


photo 3May-Mei is our Operations Manager. She initially joined Doonya in 2012 as our administrative assistant. Basically, she runs our day-to-day operations and we would be lost without her. Though born and raised in DC, Doonya’s first home, she didn’t discover the magic of Bollywood fitness until it expanded to New York. More studious than active, she was not a fan of fitness or dance until after college. Today, she enjoys trying out new activities like aerial yoga, kickboxing, indoor bouldering and, of course, Doonya-ing regularly. She likens a Doonya class to being more an Indian dance club than being at the gym. Sticking to Doonya’s happy and healthy motto, she loves kale as much as she loves donuts. Favorite Doonya Routine: “Dilliwaali Girlfriend”