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Who says you need an open bar to get the party started?! Our fitness party was sweaty and smiley…and nobody got sloppy!

The room glowed pink as each NYC instructor led routines that made the room steamier and the buzz with energy! Through the night, we led fitness contests and gave away Reebok prizes to winners!

The nonstop music kept the party going even as people got tired. Listen to our full playlist below and snag some of the tracks from iTunes!

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Not only did our students have a blast, so did Fitness Magazine


src=”’s how we got sweaty! &t=Doonya Fitness Party Playlist &m=song&e=song&w=250&h=300&ids=508467023,521448124,588796872,623381948,511481883,587393077,511482271,508467022,511568827,699283247,642380214,668565052,716059986,716059986,716059974,502768162,72408350,474915247&wt=playlist&partnerId=&affiliate_id=&at=&ct=” height=”240″ width=”320″ frameborder=”0″>

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