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10 Uses for Ghee: The Bollywood Miracle Fat

GheeGhee is to South Asian households what Land O’Lakes is to America. Ghee is butter that has been clarified. What that means is that the butter has been boiled and then simmered until clear-golden and any solids have sunk to the bottom.

Things like Ghee, butter, oil, lard, etc have a terrible rep in the fitness world. We’re inundated with fat free this and “I can’t believe it’s not…” that, but we sometimes forget that fats do have a really important place in our our diet.

Fat is needed for brain development, nerve protection, skin elasticity, hair health and joint lubrication among other things. It’s important to eat the right fats (nuts, avocados, seeds, etc) and ingested in the right proportion to your body. If you’re not sure what that amount is for you, it’s important to speak to a doctor or nutritionist or take a look at your prakrati, or Ayurvedic body type.

Yes, it’s used for cooking. But here are 10-ways you may not have thought to use your ghee:

  1. Eye makeup remover: Drop some ghee onto a cotton pad and swoosh over your eyelid. Unlike chemical removers, ghee won’t irritate your eyes. Rather, you’ll feel restored and moisturized.
  2. Chapstick: Need to super hydrate? Dab on some ghee to your lips for a soft kissable pout.
  3. Gargle: Swish ghee around your mouth to strengthen your teeth and gums.
  4. Drop a tablespoon on your khichidi for some extra richness and added flavor.
  5. Brush a little on your roti or naan for a little nuttier butter taste.
  6. Cook your eggs with ghee instead of butter. As ghee has a hire burning point, you’ll avoid those brown spots on your omelets.
  7. Pop your corn in ghee instead of oil. You’ll maintain the buttery taste without the added butter fat.
  8. Burn salve: For chemical or fire burns, immediately apply ghee to soothe the wound.
  9. Laxative/Lubricant: Drop a spoon or two in warm water. The ghee will lubricate the intestines and help pass a bowel movement.
  10. Get a massage with ghee. The compound penetrates the skin and into the muscles, keeping things lubricated and agile. Skin stays tight and young!


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