There's nothing like the fit of a lululemon pant. The band and calf-slit make this pair extra fun.

Even when you’re sweating, who wants to look gross while they’re working out? No one! When you’re surrounded by attractive people who take care of their bodies, and may be singe, there’s only one way to fight looking like a wet rat.

Wear a cute outfit!

A lot of the gear that Doonya instructors wear come from Lululemon for their unique design, studio-to-real life wear-ability and overall comfort.

That’s why, when choosing a partner to work we wanted to give our contest participants the chance to win $500 to Lululemon!

If you’ve seen our DVD, you know how good Priya and Kajal look. Here are some of Kajal’s favorite picks from Lululemon’s current collection:



Most people don’t! One way to get around

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