Doonya is a Bollywood-dance inspired fitness & media company, creating new media content around Bollywood music and building a student community around dance fitness. Doonya offers an easy-to-follow cardio, strength-building fitness program perfectly choreographed to the latest high energy, Bollywood-inspired music. Doonya is the first national brand to build a targeted fitness program around the phenomenon of high-energy Bollywood dance and music, targeting fitness lovers around the world.


“The class was hard but it was excellent. Yes, I hurt today, but I love the way hurts. I am defiantly going again!” – Tiffany, Yelp

“Took my first Doonya class last night and feel amazing today! Loved bringing out my inner bollywood star in me while getting a heart pumping workout!” – Kessenga, Facebook

“I really wasn’t looking forward to going to this class because I’m a douche and thought Bollywood-inspired dancing would be too cheesy for me. The class turned out to be awesome- the instructors are great (Rohan, Sunita, Priya!), the music is good, and no one draws attention to you if you look like an idiot (trust me on this one).” – Olga, Yelp

“It’s been 2 weeks since I joined Doonya. I already see some significant changes. 1. I have more ENERGY than I used to. 2. Walking uphill and on the stairs makes my heart pound and beat rapidly. These days I don’t feel that.” – Tshering, Facebook

“It’s pretty much the only kind of “work out” that i look forward to because i am having so much fun while i am doing it that it doesn’t feel like a chore!! the music is very upbeat and apparently the most current in Bollywood music. I just love love love it.” – Flo, Yelp

“I’ll be dripping with sweat at the end, but smiling the whole time.” – Carrie, Yelp

“Doonya is an intense, sweaty hour of pure dancing bliss that works your muscle groups like they’ve never been worked before. And it’s followed by upbeat music in your head and an adrenaline high that lasts for several hours.” – Mary Jo, Yelp

” I’m one of those people that gets bored easily with exercise routines, but I’ll keep coming back to Dhoonya because it’s one of the most fun workouts in town. A word to the wise, though: it will make you sweat buckets, so you may want to bring a towel.” – Brianna, Yelp

“Super fun, super good workout, super awesome music!” – Diana, Yelp

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