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The Doonya Challenge began last Friday! You’ll be hearing more about our contestants soon. They’ve already started coming to class regularly, but they also have to cross train. A big part of their non-Doonya workout will be resistance/conditioning work.

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to get the conditioning in to your routine. But it hurts a lot less if you have a playlist that will take your mind off the pain. Here are some of our favorite tracks for resistance training routines:

One thought on “Pump Up While You Pump: Doonya Conditioning Playlist

  1. Watched doonya beginners Bollywood workout on fab tv and it was great!! It was on the song- Say Naa say naa from bluffmaster what a great choice of music! Just wanted to ask while in the program when learning each step there was a song on in the background just wanted to know what that song was called? Thank you x

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