Doonya @ Sundance

The life of a Doonya’er is never boring. Least of all when you are headed to one of the most exciting film festivals in the world!

Doonya was invited as a featured workout program for talent to participate in during the festival! Priya and Kajal will hold Doonya class on January 18 – 21st at 9am in the Fender Music Hall.

“Being invited to Sundance is a huge honor for us. In a place where new and fresh talent is cultivated and discovered, we are excited to share our Bollywood Workout with people as passionate about their craft as we are,” say Priya Pandya, Doonya co-founder.

Sundance is packed with celebrities. Who are Priya and Kajal hoping will drop in a class?

“Anyone who loves fitness, dance and performance. Of the people who we know are attending, we’d be thrilled to have Nicole Kidman come to class. She had a fantastic Bollywood moment in Moulin Rouge. Jordin Sparks loves fitness and Zumba and embodies the Doonya message of living happily and healthily. Jane Lynch is a powerhouse and if she loves her job at Glee, she’ll love our program. Jennifer Hudson is an amazing example of being healthy in a safe, smart way. She has moves on Smash. She’ll probably love finding her inner Bollywood,” says Kajal Desai, Doonya co-founder.

If you are going to be at Sundance this weekend, Tweet us! We’d love to see you!


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