Here’s the truth. We LOVE Bollywood. And we have an affinity towards the sultry item songs — the dance numbers where one woman is surrounded by a bunch of guys talking about her own hotness. But Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot from Department is just plain raunchy!

Luckily, we have Kajal and Priya’s brilliant minds to take amazing music (that has been defamed by choreographers who wouldn’t know sexy if it bit them on their bolly booty) and create works of dance art!

“Dan Dan” is one of our new featured five routines…despite the heinous video. This means that EVERY Doonya class will dance to the same routine for the next few weeks.

Why did we choose this song? Glad you asked! “Dan Dan” has an inherent energy that is perfect for a Doonya mid-level cardio routine. The explosive delivery from singer, Paroma, is a great for tightening your lower abs and pumping with squeezed quads. The furious chant-like repetition during each verse adds an exciting layer which is almost palpable. The swimming Bachchan walk is the perfect way to work your arms as if you are pushing something out of the way (as if to say “move over lame choreographers!)

Have you tried the “Dan Dan” routine in your Doonya class yet? Let us know which one you like better!

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