Ok, here’s what’s up!

You may know me as an energetic, intense Doonya instructor. But, I’m layered like an onion… and I smell like a rose (especially after teaching dance class– ya?)!

My motivation to be the best Doonya instructor really comes from the personal changes I’ve seen in myself as a student.

Though I came into Doonya as an instructor of our Beginner Techniques and Tots programs, I was a hardcore Doonya-er for a full year before I became licensed to teach the program!

When I started out, I was 190 lbs of just…Fat. It really wasn’t a good look. But thanks to Doonya, the advice of the ever so wise Priya and Kajal, not only did I lose over 30 lbs, I grew exponentially as a dancer and instructor.

Growing up, I was chubz to the max! And I definitely have had my share of ups and downs with anorexia, binging and the works.

But what I get to do through Doonya is an anchor for my overall health and my motivation to continue to strengthen my body and mind. I want to take Doonya to the moon and make the martians (is that PC?) smile as they Bolly tap!

Essentially I want to go from young Rohan (aka Ladoo) in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to the grown up Hrithik version…but with normal thumbs.

So, I am making the commitment. Now that my cardio is legit from the 4-6 classes I am teaching, it’s time to build up my muscle mass. I’ve gone through a lot and can now see health vs skinniness. My goal is to be FIT!

Who’s with me? Share your stories with me as I share my battles, gripes and wins with you on Facebook and Twitter!

Let’s get fit together!

BTW — Here’s little Rohan with Hrithik Rohan in K3G. No, I will not wear those pants to class…

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